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    Our master’s degree program belongs to the college of management. Each department and graduate institute in the college of management achieves educational goals and develops features by following the mission statement that “the college of management aims to cultivate the talents having the core skills of the department and expects that they will be needed by the related industries”. 


What is our master’s degree program about?


    Except for the traditional master’s programs, the Ministry of Education intends to highlight some master’s program of specialties, so it added some rules in the Rules of the University, which stipulate that students can get a master’s degree after they graduate from a master’s degree program.

    Our M.S Program in Entrepreneurship Management was established based on the Rules of the University set by the Ministry of Education, so the students of our program can get a master’s degree, which is verified by the Ministry of Education and foreign educational institutes.


Key Points of the Development of Our Program


  • To actively cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit

  • To foster the entrepreneurial atmosphere on campus

  • To develop the entrepreneurial mode of industries in focus


To have the core skills of our program


  • To have the creative thinking ability and problem-solving skills

  • To have the entrepreneurial cooperation skills and teamwork spirit

  • To have the ability in organizing and developing the business model 

  • To be able to think and communicate internationally and globally


The Design of Our Courses


  • Our program invites teachers from the college of management, engineering, and other colleges to teach students. The experts we invite can offer multidisciplinary courses and lead multidisciplinary research teams. We expect that our students can think and develop their career multifunctionally, and students can choose courses based on their interest and planning.
  • Our courses integrate theory into practice, and the design of our courses assist students in completing their business proposals. By joining our program, students can realize their dreams of establishing business. 

  • We encourage our students to participate in enterprise innovation competitions at home and abroad so that they can broaden their horizons and be absorbed in various types of professional knowledge.